About US:

Welcome to a revolutionary tournament tool! This app/website is built for:

- Easy online tournament creation
- Easy online registration and payments
- Automatic bracket and seeding generation
- Integrated referee assistant and final score reporting
- Results reported live
- Tournament day score reporting can all be handled by phones. No laptop or wifi needed
- In app messaging
- Android and iOS apps
- Coming soon ... UI and UX improvements


Overview Video

1. Create a free account. Your information will be kept private and will only be used by Pickleball Passport and the tournament director.
2. If you are a tournament director, create a tournament by selecting "new tournament." If you are a player, select a tournament to register for on the home page. Payment is handled by a third party provider for PCI-DSS compliance.


Players use this service for free.
Tournament directors are charged a $5 fee for tournament creation, and $2 per registration.

(See Terms and Conditions for more details)

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Tips for Using the Site

Creating an Account

Provide the pertinent information about yourself. The skill ratings as well as your birthday are used to check for event eligibility. Thus, if you input in a birthday that implies that you are 10, you won't be able to play in a 35+ event. Ages are checked as of the tournament start date. You can specify any security question you like, and any response to that question.


To create a your own tournament, use the New Tournament form. You can specify the total number of players for the whole tournament. You can also set the maximum number of players (not teams) for each event when you add events. After you create your tournament, you will see many admin options on the Tournament Directors page. You can edit, add/remove events, manually register players (useful if a player doesn't want to use the website/app), cancel registrations, move players from one event to another if you need to adjust based on registration results, generate your brackets, assign courts and times for games, view players with unregistered partners, and view the pricing and registration amounts. The Tournament Directors page allows you to edit anything about the tournament you might need, even the events. Of course, if you already have people registered for an event, you can't change it in a way that would exclude them.


If you want to play in a tournament, simply click the register button. This will bring up a list of events that you qualify to play in, based on your gender, age, and skill rating. The system will allow you to play up, but not play down. If you don't see an event in the list that you think you should qualify for, it could be that the total registrants for that event has already been met, or that you are already registered for the event.

If you register for 1 event in a tournament and then decide to register for a second, don't worry, we won't charge you the registration fee again. If there is an event fee, that is all you'll be charged for. However, if you decide to cancel your registration for a tournament, all charges will be refunded. So, if you want to cancel your registration for just one event, you'll need to cancel, which will refund all your charges, and then reregister for just the events you want.

If you register for a doubles event, you'll need to chose a partner. If you have someone in mind, make sure they have an account on the site before you try to register for that tournament. When you register for a doubles event you have to choose your partner at that point. When you register you'll see a list of all players that have an account on the site that meet the criteria for the event. Of course, you might not have a partner, but you still want to play. If that is the case, simply choose the "Looking for Male" or "Looking for Female" partner and when registration closes our system will match you up with someone. If you choose someone as your partner, but they don't choose you as theirs, you will both be assigned a partner randomly as well. If your partner selection needs to change, which happens from time to time, simply cancel your registration, reregister and choose a new partner. You can contact the tournament director to modify any registrations as well. They can move players around with the administrative tools. Also, when you register, you will have the option to play for your partners registration fee at the same time. This allows a team to be fully registered at one time.


We love our refereeing functionality and hope it works well for you. First, you have to know your RefKey, which is a 6 digit number. After you create a tournament, you will need to go to the Touranament Directors page. This is where you will see the RefKey assigned to your tournament. Keep this safe. You give this key to whomever you want to referee matches at your tournament. They can open the Pickleball Passport App, available on Android of iOS, select Referee / Score and input your RefKey. Then they will be able to choose the appropriate event and teams from there. Scores are updated everytime the referee awards a point. Be sure to use the View Results to watch the matches play out.